Arts Education

The Opposite of WAR isn’t PEACE…

IT’S CREATION!!!  Jonathan Larson


The world we live in is increasingly complicated and we find ourselves with the daunting challenge of preparing our children for the day that they must take their place as functioning, contributing citizens in society.  Along with the increase in bullying and school shootings, kids are constantly bombarded with images of violent behavior, and encouraged to adopt vapid, insipid values.  In a culture with an ever rapidly changing paradigm, it has become clear that many of the established “rote” methods of teaching are no longer effective.  Arts Education takes young people who have been steeped in destruction and emerges them in creativity.  By studying the fine and performing arts, kids develop not only a more articulate method of self-expression, but they learn teamwork, commitment, focus and dedication.  Children who study the arts not only discover their passions (in and out of the artistic fields), but develop critical thinking skills, decision making capabilities and a higher level of self-confidence.  Last but not least, Arts Education reinforces the standard academic requirements.  Through the study of music, story and art history, students learn about cultures past and present, historical events, literary milestones, socio-political issues, even math and science. Students studying the Technical and Industrial Arts reinforce lessons in geometry, physics and chemistry on a regular basis.  All necessary for budding engineers from auto, to architect, from rocket scientist to special effects designer.  As the “outcast” who found herself through the Arts, I know just how much it change a child’s world view and self-view.  I strongly advocate Arts Education, not only in the private sector but in public school systems everywhere!  

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Fredi gives private lessons in Voice, Acting, Movement, and 1-on-1 Professional Skills for Actors workshop sessions

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MAster classes

The Body Instrument Master Class series is perfect for students of all levels and schools of all budgets.  The series includes Master Classes in: Voice,  Movement,  Story & performance   

Virtual workshop

MoNday’s on zoom

 is a comprehensive intensive on the BUSINESS of being a working  actor!

Video auditions

 Auditions  will continue to be done virtually  it’s more cost efficient and convenient for productions .  Make an appointment for your professional looking video!

The Professional Skills for Actors Series

This workshop gives the participant the expertise to turn their training into a career as a Professional Actor in a time and cost efficient way.
The Workshop takes the participant step-by-step through a series of business, administrative, and life skills that can make the difference between an “aspiring” and a “working” actor.

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